Really, what can you make with a hammer….

I’m sure I’ll be telling you about fun things to do with a hammer over time, but I thought I’d just give you an idea of what can be done.  All of these pictures are of samples I made for Metal Forming A and B, last year at school.  Keep in mind that all of these started as flat sheets of metal!

brass bowl made, by sinking, at school
Inside of brass bowl made by sinking. This was the first item we made in Metal Forming A.
side view of brass bowl
Side view of my brass bowl
Raised copper cup in the sun
Raised copper cup in the sun. This was our 2nd project in Metal Forming A.
inside of copper cup
Inside view of cup, notice how thick the metal is!
Beetle formed by chasing and repousee in Metal Forming A.
My little Beetle formed by chasing and repousee in Metal Forming A. Eventually, he is going to be part of a necklace.
anticlastically formed hyperbolic paraboloid
Anticlastically formed hyperbolic paraboloid. The form twists right around 180 degrees.
copper fold forming sample
Foldforming sample.
two other fold formed shapes
More fun fold formed shapes.
pendant in silver, anticlastically and fold formed
My final project for Metal Forming B, a pendant.

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