On your marks….. Black Friday weekend sale

Yes, I’m having a sale in the etsy shop!  Actually, it’s a Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday/Cyber Monday sale – really, someone has to come up with something catchier!

Firepan Jewellery Enameled Bar pendants

Here are the details:

Sale is on Nov 28th through to Dec. 1st inclusive

You can take 20% off any item greater than $50 in value, using the coupon code 20OFF.  So, in the example above you can pick up a fantastic stocking stuffer (reg. etsy price $53) for $42.40!  Woo hoo…!

Please note: this does not include custom work or commitment rings.

"Mood Indigo"
“Mood Indigo”  (on etsy for $168.99, so minus 20% = $135.19!)


Now, if there is something that really grabs your eye this is the time to pick it up.  I will be having a small sale at the Studio show, however the greater majority of the pieces in the etsy shop will not be discounted there.

Hope everything is well with you!


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