Put a ring on it!

Earlier in the summer my friend asked me to make him wedding rings (which I did, of course!).  This got me thinking about wedding rings and what I like in a wedding ring.  Not surprisingly, I like ones that are just a little different – maybe with texture, color or an interesting shape.

For an affordable option, I designed this sterling silver band.  It has a nice domed shape, and because it is silver it can be more substantial for less money (than one in gold).  The Firepan touch on this ring is the light planishing (hammer finish) which gives a subtle pebble finish to the ring.  This causes the light to be reflected in a more interesting way, than a plain smooth finish – yet, it is subtle.

Sterling silver wedding ring
Sterling silver wedding ring (photo: Scott Walker)


I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the price of gold to go down.

Finally, when I had to order some gold for a ring repair I bit the bullet and ordered some for me (even though it hadn’t gone down!), so that I could make these rings as samples.  This time the hammer finish is done using a different hammer, leaving a substantial texture.


Here are the 2 mm and 4 mm 14K yellow gold rings in their hammer textured glory!  (photo: Scott Walker)
Here are the 2 mm and 4 mm 14K yellow gold rings in their hammer textured glory! (photo: Scott Walker)


I’m very happy with how they turned out.  They really look fantastic on!

Firepan Jewellery wedding rings

So, if you (or someone you know) is looking to put a ring on it… I have these semi-custom styles to chose from now!  Of course, if you’d like custom wedding rings designed for you that’s always available too!

Hope you are well!


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  1. Love the look of your website! It’s so fresh and inviting. Love, love, love that stirling silver wedding band as well. I look forward to following your posts and seeing your new creations.

  2. Wow, you do great work,Valerie! The link to the semi-custom styles isn’t connecting though. :( Would love to hear more about your process in a “daily life” kind of way, as well, as part of your blog resurrection. 😀

  3. Oh your work is fabulous Valerie. These pictures are classy and professional. I’m so impressed. So fun to come check out your site again after this little blog tweek . Will look into following you .

  4. Very nice rings! I like the texture as well. I might like to order one for my husband I made his wedding rung but it’s needing to be welded and I know nothing about that. See I wire wrapped it. It would be a nice surprise. I’ll contact you soon about it.

  5. Hi there! I found you on Facebook in our Sister Flyer’s group and wanted to say hi! I’m in love with your textured gold wedding bands! They are so beautiful! On my way to check out your Etsy shop now. ???? Take care!

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