Fast and furious…. Cardinal style

Goodness, time is of the essence when you are a bird.  As I told you on Friday, we had Cardinals barricading us in the house.  I’ve been a little concerned because I knew the front garden must be absolutely weed filled since I’ve been avoiding it so as not to disturb the Cardinals.

However, I decided on Saturday that it would be safe to go do some work on the second level.  So I went out in the morning and decided to tackle the most visible weeds first (which were growing in the pebble path to the veggies).  As long as I was kneeling (or sitting) down the adult Cardinals didn’t seem to mind.  If I stood up they would start chipping at me from the gutters of the house.

I went about my business as discretely as I could, and was making good headway filling my bucket, when I heard a whole lot of chipping and calling from the adults mixed in with a distressed sounding baby bird.  I stood up, and saw the male standing near the base of the large cactus chipping away and the female perched on the cactus!  Not a nice perch.  As soon as they noticed me (which was essentially right away) they flew away.  I just thought it was some strange behaviour and went back to my weeding.

Almost as soon as I was down on my kneeling pad again, all of the bird noise started up again – and this time I was sure I heard a distressed baby.  When I got up, I could see the Cardinals back at the cactus.  I thought this really was strange, so I went to investigate.  As soon as I neared the cactus, the adults flew off.  It turned out that one of the fledglings took his first flight from the (prickly) rose bush straight into the cactus!  That is not a good evolutionary strategy!  I was ready to take one for the Cardinal team and reach in to rescue the little fella, but he wiggled around enough at the sight of me that he fell out of the cactus.  Not that it is that much safer under the cactus – that thing spits off arms with regularity.  So, I thought I had better put him somewhere safer while he regrouped, so I put him in the shade on the front porch.

Those feathers must have sprouted overnight!
Those feathers must have sprouted overnight! They did not look this close to fledging when I photographed them the day before!!!

He sat there quite a while considering his next move (which drove Hoppy nuts because at one point the little bird came up to the sidelight at the door to say hi!).  The cactus incident happened at about 10:30 am, and by 12:30 pm there was no sign of him or the other fledglings.

When I went to photograph the little fella sitting on the porch, I thought I’d check the nest.  There was one left, perched at the edge of the nest ready to go.

You can just see it standing in the middle of the photo.
You can just see it standing in the middle of the photo.  I love the crazy “hair-dos” little Cardinals have.  To my knowledge this fledgling was smarter and didn’t fly into the nearest pokey thing.

Probably by late afternoon Saturday, and certainly by Sunday morning, the Cardinals had moved out.  Hopefully they all make it!


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Hope you are well!


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