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Well, the good news is Scott showed me how to “do what I have to do” in Photoshop elements so that I can upload photos to the blog.  The bad news is, I took 446 photographs!!  I have my work cut out for me, and I think I’ll be spreading the Trinidad and Tobago love over a few posts.  In the meantime, I’ll mention a few faves, and give you this teaser to savor:

The palm trees on Manzanilla bay beach, Trinidad.  Doesn't this look like the stereotypical tropical paradise?
The palm trees on Manzanilla bay beach, Trinidad. Doesn’t this look like the stereotypical tropical paradise?

The whole trip was fantastic.  I’m absolutely in love with T ‘n T.  Really, most everything was a highlight, but here are a select few:

  • Our guide: Roger Neckles – more on him in the next post, in the meantime suffice to say, he is the real deal
  • Carib beer – I’ve drank beer elsewhere in the Caribbean, this is the best
  • doubles – what, why can’t I buy these for breakfast in Fonthill???
  • Thanna’s Place B & B – perfect for us, simple accommodation with a good home cooked breakfast.  They went above and beyond on the morning we left at 5 am with a boxed breakfast for us.
  • Castara Bliss – great price, great location, great owner – we loved it.  I do have to be honest though, if you aren’t prepared for walking up stairs don’t go (on the other hand you’ll be in shape!), and the free ranging roosters of Castara can be annoying.
  • Castara – what an unspoiled and charming village with a great beach.
  • Flagstaff hill – I will post photos, but they will not do this spot justice – it’s more about the atmosphere.  I told Scott this is where I would like my ashes scattered.
  • the people of T ‘n T

I hope you know I’m restraining myself since I wanted this post to be short so I could consider my next move with those photos!!



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