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I’ve mentioned Louise Gale a lot over the past couple of years, in my blog.  Most often in the context of the Creative Color Challenge, and when I posted about the Creative Color Energy workshop.

Louise Gale's colour wheels!  You'll get to to do this in the workshop.
Louise Gale’s colour wheels! You’ll get to to do this in the workshop.

I saw that Louise is having another session of her workshop, and I thought you might enjoy it; but I realized, at the same time, that I haven’t really introduced her properly to you!  Louise is a British artist, living in Spain.  Like so many artists, she spent time in the corporate world before making the leap to being a full time artist.  She moved to Spain a year ago (from the US), and it seems to me that she really is living the dream!  (Which is easy to say when it’s been such a wintery winter, and she is posting photos of the beach….).  Not surprisingly, this aspect of Louise’s journey interests me quite a bit, since I’m in the process of forging my dream.  Aside from making art, Louise is a Life Coach – which I have a feeling she would be quite good at.  She is a very upbeat, positive person and the meditations she shared in the Creative Energy workshop were great (she has the perfect voice for them).  Louise was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, and share some of her artwork!


From my perspective, it seems like “you’re living the dream” – living and creating on the coast of Spain, teaching in Bali….  I know that your path may not have been a straight one from art school to full time artist.  Can you describe your path for us?

Oh my! Great question and oh so many twists and turns over the years. {long answer alert here!}

I can definitely pinpoint many key moments or experiences in my life that have led me to here.  I am living my dream life which I like to describe as doing something I love everyday, going to bed at night grateful and over the moon for what the day brought me and excited for the next day to arrive. Of course there are some lower energy days, but I am most certainly a ‘glass half full’ kinda gal, so they are very few and far between (I am happy to say).

I also believe that everyone I meet, every experience I have had in life has brought me to the here and now and helped shape me today. The challenges have taught me something about myself and life, always.

So here goes……

Growing up with parents who taught me to ‘go against the grain’ and not follow the herd was an amazing start in life, especially when my art teacher told me I wouldn’t get into art school, so I still applied and got in!

I traveled and lived in Australia at 23 as I craved adventure over getting a mortgage! And to also overcome a fear of the ocean (which I did after making myself go scuba diving!).

I worked as a temp for years doing contract work as I felt I was still trying to find ‘my authentic swing’ in life and at that time, being an artist just didn’t seem to be a choice for me in terms of supporting myself. I was still creative in my spare time, but just never considered it for full time work. I now see that the skills I learned during this time enable me to do freelance work and apply so much to my creative endeavours too!

When I traveled to Spain in my mid 20s, I stood on a mountain and said out loud that I was going to live in Spain one day (crazy eh!).

I started a process to emigrate to Australia in my early 30s which actually led me to an opportunity to move to the USA instead! It was the years in my 30s that I really found myself back into a creative life and the realisation that I can create any life I choose to. I guess I always ‘knew’ that, but this was the time that I consciously focused on what it was I wanted. It was in the USA that I found the courage to leave a windowless office corporate job, paint again, start 2 businesses and meet a dear friend who introduced me to the area of Spain I know live in.  I moved to Spain in February 2013.

I strongly believe the universe is sending us messages all the time about our life path and it is not until we do open our hearts, listen to ourselves (and the universe) that we find that courage to live it! As I have journeyed through life, I have always seeked out and taken opportunities when they have arisen and seen serendipitious connections in many experiences, places and people.

Listening to my heart and my intuition I guess would be the very short answer.

Louise's colour journal - lots of fantastic colour there!!!
Louise’s colour journal – lots of fantastic colour there!!!

As well as being an artist who focuses on color, you are a Life Coach.  It seems that you also bring color into your coaching!  (See her “spring cleaning” ebook).  On the face of it, I’m not sure that using color while strategizing life goals is an obvious fit.  Can you tell me how you bring color in to help people on their path?

I studied a form of life coaching which focuses primarily on the energy of our thoughts, the energy around us and energy inside us. Like everything in this world, Color is a form of energy. Various colors vibrate on various levels, as do we, so I love to use color to help others work with their own energy to unblock anything that is stopping them from moving to a life they desire.

The 7 colors of the rainbow are aligned with our own energy system (the chakras) so understanding how to unblock these through color, can also help us raise our consciousness (awareness) to a more fulfilling life, living our passion and seeing our energy flow freely and positively.

Color, like our life’s passion is very personal to us all so I simply facilitate the process through art making and I love seeing how everyone interacts with it.

I do believe that the answers to the questions we seek are inside of us and we oh so too often look for answers outside of ourselves. Creativity is a wonderful tool to unblock our energy and see what we have the power to create our lives.

(The Spring Clean Your Life ebook covers more about the mental and physical energy aspect rather than color and there are some great activities to take part in over a 21 day period.)

Louise Gale's orange energy piece!
Louise Gale’s orange energy piece!

I took the Creative Colour Energy workshop last year.  I really enjoyed it, and after such a busy show season I really felt like it helped me remember what I enjoy about working with color and have a deeper connection with the colors we covered.  Could you describe the course?  Who do you think will get the most out of the course?

As mentioned above, we use color to energize ourselves and journey through our 7 levels of energy. We spend the first week covering an introduction to color, theory, the color wheel and loosening ourselves up to create with lots of different mediums. Then we dive into moving through each color including red, orange, yellow, green/pink, blue, indigo and violet. There are also color meditations and color affirmations to help connect to each level & color.

I cover different techniques (through video demos) such as mandala drawing, paintings, collage, photography and intuitive painting to help move through the process. It’s a lot of fun and as you know, some beautiful work is produced, I am so inspired by many of the creations from everyone taking the class.

The class is for everyone, from complete beginners to full-time art makers so we can all experience color and our own energy, trying out lots of different techniques.

We have a class that started today so there is still time to join us. Feel free to email Louise (info@louisegale.com)

Louise's red mandala.
Louise’s red mandala.

I’m so glad that Louise was able to take the time to answer my questions.  I think it is so interesting to hear about other’s journeys.  I’m always heartened by stories of meandering life paths!

If you are interested in the Creative Color Energy Workshop, check out this video:

You can find Louise here:

website: http://louisegale.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/louisegaleartist

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/louisegale/

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You know I love color – why don’t you dive in too!!




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