Do you read?

Well, do you?  I’m an inveterant reader.

I’ve always enjoyed reading, which I guess counts as a hobby.  However, a couple of years ago I was in a slump.  I wasn’t really challenging myself to explore other genres or authors and frankly, I was bored!  Yikes, I can’t believe I’m saying that about books.  Then I heard about Goodreads.

A selection, from "the pile" of books to be read!
A selection, from “the pile” of books to be read!

I joined Goodreads about 1.5 years ago, and I’m a fan!  I don’t really hang around and “make friends” (which I guess you can do if you like) – although that is the point of this post to see if you are on Goodreads and if you would like to “be my friend”!

The things I do like about Goodreads are: first, it helps me keep track of the books I’ve read.  Because I read SO many books in any given year, I sometimes forget if I’ve read a book (especially if it wasn’t very memorable).  Second, I can check out my friends book lists and see if they have read something interesting that I might like (when you enter a book on your read “bookshelf” it asks you to rate it).

As well, I’ve joined 4 groups: “Classics without all the class”, “Challenge: 50 books”, Around the World in 80 books”, and “English mysteries club”.  The beauty of these on-line book clubs is that you can participate, or not, as you please.

I do the group reads for the Classics and the English mysteries groups.  Both of these have been great for introducing me to new authors, and at least for the classics, filling in the gaps in my reading.

I have been doing a North, Central and South America road trip for the Around the World group.  I made it to Panama by last December, so this year is my South American leg of the trip!  This has been very interesting since I’ve read both fiction and non-fiction for the different countries and come across a lot of new authors (to me).

As for the Challenge group, well I joined that mostly to actually see how many books I generally read in a year.  Last year I read 101 books, plus one that was abandoned 2/3 of the way through (it was truly terrible)!  Apparently there is a 100 book challenge group, but that would be too much pressure!

I thought if there are any readers out there, who either are on Goodreads or would be interested in joining – I would be your friend!  I read quite a variety of genres and authors, so more than likely you will find books you like on my list!

In case you need some recommendations to get you started, these are my greatest hits from last year (I rated them all 5 star):

Life of Pi  Yann Martel

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children  Ransom Riggs

Anna Karenina  Leo Tolstoy

Amsterdam  Ian McEwan

The Master and Margarita  Mikhail Bulgokov (a slight cheat, because I just finished this one!)

also discovered these authors who I love: Neil Gaiman (!!), Louise Penny, Sarah Addison Allen, Arto Paasilinna (I rated his book “The Year of the Hare” 4 star – but, really, you need to read this), Maggie O’Farrel, Lori Nelson Spielman, and R. D. Wingfield (!!).

I’m on Goodreads as Valerie Brown, come join me!



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