Jewellery trends 2014

I can’t say that I’m really a trend follower, but it’s always interesting to see what is predicted to be the “in” thing.  Luckily, fine and handmade jewellery is not fast fashion, and trends change slowly.  The main thing I learned while doing my research for this topic, is that if you attempt to follow all off the trends your style will be all over the place!  You’ll never know what to wear!

A combo of a few trends here - statement necklaces, color, beads, and ethnic style.  (from )
A combo of a few trends here – statement necklaces, color, beads, and ethnic style. (from )

The consensus seems to be on these main themes:

Statement necklace – we’re talking BIG and bold.  This could also be a statement pendant.  You can combine this trend with the trend for layered beads, chain, gold (color), or gemstones (eg. pearls).  I think one of the interesting things about this trend is that there didn’t seem to be a limit on what length you wear.  If you want to wear a big silver choker, go ahead.  Or maybe a long, long necklace of beads (see the second photo above) you’re on trend as well.

Lots and lots of bracelets – and I mean lots.  This is a fun trend that all the sites and magazines I reviewed agreed on.  They can be any kind of bracelet – wide metal cuffs, funky geometric wire creations, gemstones, bangles, resin/acrylic, beaded, friendship, etc.  And yes, you should be wearing them all at once.  For some reason, this trend really excites me – I have been thinking I should make some bracelets…. hmmmmm!

Body jewellery – in all senses of that term.  It could be a full body chain, an ear cuff, various piercings.  Apparently, shorter “belly” shirts are coming back (yikes??!!) and so it’s an opportunity to show your piercing off.  I am liking the ear cuff idea in particular.  I was going to make myself one, because I can (ha, ha); but really I do like interesting ear wear and didn’t really think cuffs were in until I did this research.  I wasn’t sure if anyone else would wear one!  Would you?

"Radiant Orchid" bar pendant!  It really is a nice rich color - and it's so cute with the little flower!
“Radiant Orchid” bar pendant! It really is a nice rich color – and it’s so cute with the little flower!

Color! – Yay, did they make this trend just for me?  Everyone predicting the trends was talking about color, although they may not have agreed on the specifics.  What I took away was color was everywhere.  The bracelets were colorful, either from resin or gemstones or even feathers (that one isn’t very practical though); and you wear all of the colors together!  The necklaces were either multicolor or big, bold one color wonders; or very large link chain.  Blue, is still “in”, meaning you might see it with either radiant orchid or orange.  As well, turquoise, lapis and onyx are making a come back, especially in combination with clear gemstones.  Other colorful gemstones that are in the limelight at the moment are garnets, opals, tourmaline, topaz and spinels.  This is because the cost of the “big three” gemstones (diamond, sapphire and ruby) are so high.  This trend makes me happy (and not just because it’s all about color and so am I), but I like working with some of those stones and now I’m wondering if the blues of turquoise and aquamarine would suit each other?

Chain – Yep, chain is in!  Big, dainty, really long, short, gold, silver, colored – you name it!

Those were the trends that everyone seemed to agree on.  These are a few that didn’t come up consistently, but I like them and think they should be incorporated into our repertoire:

Yellow gold – The industry forecaster meant the actual metal, as she optimistically thinks the price will fall this year.  Hopefully she is correct!  However, I did see mention of it as a color choice – why not!

My champleve pin in all it's tropical glory!
My champleve pin in all it’s tropical glory!

Pins – I love pins, so I really hope there is something to this although it was only mentioned a couple of times.  Either stick pins or big bold pins were mentioned.  Either way, I hope pins are making a come back.

Ooooh, pretty - the whole stack together!
Ooooh, pretty – the whole stack together!

Big, wide rings – I think  this is an ongoing trend, but I like it so I thought it was worth mentioning again!  I personally love to wear big and or wide rings.  This would also go hand in hand with the stacking ring trend – it’s an easy and fun way to make your very own unique wide ring.

Which leads to the last “trend”

Individuality – I have to admit, that it kind of makes me laugh when a trend forecaster says individuality will be a trend in jewellery!  That’s also right up my alley!  Wear what makes you happy!

What do you think of the trend line up for 2014?


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  1. Yes yes yes! All of it! After moving all of my materials, I’m rediscovering some I completely forgot I had. Now I’m going to have a little fun creating pieces along these guidelines :)

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