Emotions – Fury to Joy, my pieces

Better late than never must be my motto!!  I realized after I posted an album on facebook of the pieces (plus the production work that came as a result of the bigger pieces), that I haven’t shown my pieces for our group show here.  I did post about the show itself here, and a sneak peek at one of the pieces here; but not the whole shebang!

So, without further ado here is the intro to the show and my pieces with their description:

Emotions – Fury to Joy

“The struggle to express ourselves is inherent to the human condition.  Emotions – Fury to Joy includes the work of Valerie Brown, Amanda Henderson, Brittany Hopkins, Gillian Lie, and Fatima Tataragic.  Each artist will take an individual journey through four pieces to explore ephemeral states of being and their expression as wearable adornment.”

We had to make four pieces of jewellery, with “fury” and “joy” being constant for everyone and we could chose the other two emotions.  I chose despair and content.  I knew I wanted to use enamels, so I designed pieces that could use color to evoke the associated emotions.

Fury:        Eruption –formed and enameled copper, sterling silver

Eruption  (necklace)

The planning stages of this show started last summer.  Around the same time, we took my in-laws to Niagara Falls.  I noticed the advertising for the various attractions were selling the “fury” of the falls.  After that, I noticed that all sorts of things are being described as furious – even though they obviously cannot feel an emotion.  The only natural phenomena that I would ascribe “fury” to is the eruption of a volcano.  This necklace is the lava flow!

Despair:     Reflecting Pool – formed and enameled fine silver, sterling silver, 10K gold, natural black diamond

Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool  (necklace)

I went to the World Trade Centre Memorial in September of last year.  The site is unbelievably moving and powerful.  The architects and artists have created such a beautiful and solemn tribute that it is almost impossible to fully comprehend the emotions it engenders.  This pendant was inspired by the Memorial pools.

Content:        Water’s Edge – formed and enameled copper, sterling silver

Water's edge
Water’s edge (necklace)

I’m a West Coast girl!  Even though I’ve lived in Ontario for a long time now, growing up on Vancouver Island influences me to this day.  I feel most connected to nature and my true self when I am by the ocean – particularly the Pacific Northwest coast!  This is where I am content.

Joy:        WILD! Flowers – formed and enameled copper, sterling pin, rubber

WILD!  flowers
WILD! flowers (pins)

One of my biggest creative outlets is my garden.  I have flowers blooming in from the end of February to November!  It’s safe to say I LOVE flowers!  I enjoy the color they bring to the landscape and I particularly like scented flowers!  Not too many things make me so happy!  My problem as an artist is – I just don’t believe we can equal the beauty and wonder of the real thing.  So, this is my funky/sci-fi rendition of joy springing forth from the forest floor!


Scott just took all of these fantastic photos for me, which is why I can do the “on-line show” now!

It was a lot of work, fun and satisfaction to have put on this group show!  We might have to do it again some time….


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