What’s inspiring you this January?

Normally, I can find inspiration pretty much anywhere.  But, I’ve got to honest I don’t find the depths of winter very inspiring.  Especially in Ontario – too much of the same color (gray/brown) and not enough sun and outside time!!

So this is an instance where I look to my collection(s) and make my own inspiration. I can almost say “you name it, I have a collection of it…”.

A little January inspiration:  "Wild Niagara" collage.  Found feathers and leaves.
A little January inspiration: “Wild Niagara” collage. Found feathers and leaves.

Aside from being a successful collage, this is a great inspiration board.  There are all sorts of jumping off points – color, shape, pattern.  I think you could start making quite a few creative works based on this!

What is inspiring you right now?


3 Responses to What’s inspiring you this January?

  1. Hi Valerie, I like your collection of feathers and leafs. These beautiful things from nature inspire me too. Sometimes inspiration just comes to me, sometimes I have to work for it and browse and look at others work on the internet and in books for inspiration.

  2. I was just thinking this very thing today …. powering through January with whatever it takes.. Decided to head out with my camera today to find something to make me think differently. Trying to look at the time in January to ‘pause’ and plan, and bring down my expectations on what to accomplish … Working on it anyway….

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