Color of the year – Radiant Orchid

Happy New Year!  2014!  Wow!

I don’t know if you noticed, but for 2014 the Pantone color of the year is “Radiant Orchid”.  I have to admit that I was oblivious to such things until I started thinking about design and color.  I suppose at one time (long ago) I was aware of what ever color was the “in” one.  But now it seems that even though Pantone and the fashion and design world pick a “color of the year” there doesn’t seem to be a huge or sometimes, even noticeable, change in the colors available in the stores.  Which, as far as I am concerned, is great because it means there is lots of choice!

If you haven’t seen it, Radiant Orchid, is a purple.  Pantone describes it as a “harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones”!  You may know I love purple, but in this case I can’t decide if I like the name even better than the color!  “Radiant Orchid”: that name just makes me happy!  It seems very light-hearted and summery.  I always think that would be the best job ever (if you had to have an office job, that is) – naming the colors for Pantone.

As you probably know though, I’m not really one to chase the trends.  I prefer to do my own thing, and really, when it comes right down to it that is the kind of work I make.

However, for once I am “on trend” – gasp!  Through no fault of my own, Thompson enamels makes an enamel color called “Orchid” (they obviously should contact the Pantone color naming department).  Because it is a purple tone I had to try it out.  So, I thought it would work well on my “Bar” series of enamels:

"Radiant Orchid" bar pendant!  It really is a nice rich color - and it's so cute with the little flower!
“Radiant Orchid” bar pendant! It really is a nice rich color – and it’s so cute with the little flower!

I’m quite happy with the enamel version of this color, I can’t really detect any pink undertones!  It is just a nice purple, almost on the dark end of lavender.  I was so happy with how it turned out, I made earrings as well:

Radiant orchid bar earrings.
Radiant orchid bar earrings.

So, what do you think of Pantone’s color of the year?







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