August’s creative color challenge – rainbow fun

I know…. I’m rolling back the calendar a little – back to August!

I’ve been spending the last few weeks immersing myself in color.  I had decided at the beginning of August that I would treat myself to an e-course that Louise Gale was giving called “Creative Color Energy Workshop“.  After what seemed like very busy first half of the year, I wanted to have a little play time.  Although, I think that all and any time spend working with color is good and opens up ideas for designs – especially for enamel work.

I think when Louise set August’s creative color challenge she had her course on the brain!  Because she picked the rainbow as our challenge.  Goodness, I tell you these color challenges sometimes have been quite a challenge.  It’s good though, otherwise we all get stuck in a rut choosing to work with the same colors all the time.

I’ve quite enjoyed the e-course, and I feel like thought more deeply about many colors and am rolling around enamel ideas in my head!  In the meantime, for August’s challenge I made a fanciful color wheel using watercolors.

vb scan sketchbook lg  color course016


If you create with colors or even if you just want to shake up your personal color choices, I highly recommend sitting down and making your own color wheel.

Hopefully there still is time left in this summer to see some real rainbows!

Keep well,





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