GBC Alumni Exhibit – during TIJF and SNAG!!

One of the things I’ve been up to is working with Amanda Henderson and Gillian Lie to organize/jury/mount the George Brown College Alumni Exhibit.

It is called: 45 Years in the Making, and it showcases a range of work from the Jewellery program’s graduates.  When we actually sat down to work through the jurying process, boy was it hard!  There is so much fantastic work being made by my fellow alumni!

The exhibit will consist of photographs and real “live” work!  It’s going to be great!  You can see a preview of some of the work on the website (linked above).  As well, we have the artists own words about their work on the website.

Here is the info about the exhibit:


If you are in Toronto during May, I would definitely recommend dropping in to see it!  Or pop by the opening – we’d love to see you!  If you are on fb you can RSVP here !

Talk to you soon!


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