Breaking news!

There is a lot of excitement amongst Canadian jewellers at the moment – and I don’t just mean the falling price of gold!

This spring two big events are happening in Toronto.  The Society of North American Goldsmiths is having it’s annual conference in Toronto in May.  Which is a big deal because they’ve only had it in Canada once before – 30 years ago, also in Toronto.  I’ll be going!

The second big event, Toronto International Jewellery Festival, was borne out of getting the conference to come to TO – some energetic people wanted to really splash out to impress our American colleagues and raise the awareness of our home grown Canadian talent to the public!  So, there are lots of exhibits and events that are happening all over Toronto in May.  This is your chance to see jewellery, silversmithing, and art!  It is going to be fun.

Believe me – I’ll be telling you more about it!

In the meantime, I submitted my “Tidal Pool Necklace” to a show called fire and fusion and I heard today that it was chosen to be in the show by the jury!  How’s that for excitement – you’ll get to see it in person!

Here’s the premise behind the show from the organizers:

“fire and fusion was conceived as a way to feature enameling at the new Toronto International Jewellery Festival. Those of us who practise this enchanting and exacting art wish to share our passion with a larger audience. So three friends, Catherine Crowe, Gabrielle Castonguay and David Hustler teamed up to make it happen. They are all professional enamelists themselves for many years, and knew that Canada had a lot of amazing talent in this area. After putting out a Call for Entry in November of 2012,  they weren’t disappointed. Over 104 fantastic submissions made paring that number down to 40 a difficult and painstaking process. But it was finally accomplished, and fire and fusion became a reality.”

The show details are:

Rainbow Gallery, Market Square, St Lawrence Market, Toronto

May 1st – May 30th, 2013

I don’t see any hours posted, so when I find out I’ll update you!

Now, back to work…..






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