Culture Capital 2012 – the big finale!

Tomorrow is the big finale for the Culture Capital of Canada projects that took place in Niagara.  Come be entertained and amazed!  At least come and check out the displays of the all the events and projects that took place this past year!

I will be there from 6 pm to 10 pm as part of the Textile project booth.  Many of my fellow artists will be there as well.  There will be large scale photos of our work, since the pieces are now permanently mounted at the Niagara Region’s HQ.  They look unbelievably fantastic!

Hope to see you there!


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  1. Hi, new to your blog and I just had to add that I love that this is named for a rescued race horse. My cousins had a similar horse who ran the tracks in Tijuana, Mexico (just below the border of San Diego, CA), and he mostly liked to run in circles! (haahaha)

    hope your holiday sales went well too, your work is gorgeous!

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