All together now… the “Everyday enamels” series

As you know, I’ve been spending time working with my enamels.  Once you have the kiln turned on you need to make the most of it!  Plus, there is down time while a piece that has been fired is cooling, so….

I’ve been using that time to make a series called “Everyday enamels”.  These pieces are stream lined shapes that require fewer firings, so this keeps the price down!  You may not wear one of the “Openings” series enamels everyday (although, why not!!?), but the everyday enamels are meant, well, for everyday!  The best part is they can be worn by any gender.  Since most of my work seems to end up being for women, I think this is a good step forward.

So, fresh from their debut at my Studio show + sale, I present “Everyday enamels”:

enamel pendants
Yes, the “Slalom” pendants are part of the Everyday series! Most of the designs are abstract graphics.
oval enamel pendants
These oval pendants actually started the series off – I had so much fun I thought I’d continue with other shapes! Because of the shape, these pendants have a tribal feel.
circle flower enamel pendants
I was (and probably still am) on a flower kick as you can see! I just love these flowers – foxglove, marigold, cornflower and tangerine all on green!
abstract circle enamel pendants
Here I had fun making abstract designs with color!
rectangular enamel pendants
I didn’t want to leave the rectangles out… a combo of naturalistic and abstract designs! Of course, there’s a flower!
diamond shaped enamel pendants
I quite like these diamond shaped pendants, again with flowers and abstract designs.

Hope you are well.  I see the sun is coming out today, but I have design work to do…. better crack open the sketchbook!


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