Creative Color Challenge – autumn hues

For November, Louise chose “autumn hues” as our color challenge.  She was inspired while walking around Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy passed through.  She also wanted us to add pattern, again – if we were so moved!

After all of the jewellery I made for the Studio Show (which went well, by the way!) – I really wanted to play with something else.  So, I got out the watercolors, found a couple of intact flattish leaves outside and went to town!  I have to say, it was really fun and relaxing making this piece in my sketchbook.

Soon I’ll have get back to the grindstone, but it is nice to have a small break from the bench.  Here is the pattern that I was inspired to make based on Louise’s photo:

I’m really happy with how the background turned out. Since I’m not trained in using watercolors, it was an experiment in mixing colors!

As usual, I can’t wait to see what next month’s challenge will be!


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  1. Thats cool Valerie! It’s fun to try different mediums and challenge our creativity…by the way, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog…stay warm and dry!

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