2nd Annual Christmas Studio Show and Sale!

I told you it was coming!  Here are the details:

Firepan Jewellery Designs 2nd Annual Christmas Show

One of a kind and everyday wear!

Including – pearls, silver jewellery, gemstones, enamels and beadwork

Nov. 24th and 25th 2012

11 am to 5 pm

1 Donahugh Dr., Fonthill, Ont.


I’m still working away, making new designs for the show!  Actually, I’ve been dreaming about it too – but that’s another story!  Here are some sneak peek preview pics:

Cobra quartz (lightly faceted) on a hand knotted silk moonstone necklace!
Picture jasper on hand knotted silk necklace of pearls, black onyx and snowflake obsidian. This stone is absolutely gorgeous. Because it is a gemstone it has a different pattern on each side. I'm a little sad to be letting this stone go, but I'm hoping it will find a good home!
Sterling silver fold ring, in size 9. This is a nice wide ring and it is a sleek design that is appropriate for everyday! (If you would like one in another size, I can make it for you!).
Jasper and tigereye necklace. My goodness, this necklace makes me happy! This is another fantastic piece of jasper that is set off so nicely by the tigereye!

Hope you are well -and that you’ll be able to come out to the show!


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