In Other News…..

As promised…. the news round -up!

1.  YES! It’s that time of year again, for my Christmas Show! 

This year it is on the weekend of November 24 and 25 (11 am to 5 pm both days).  I am SO excited!

I’ve been working away making new work for the show!  So far, stones and enamel are involved.  I’ll be showing previews over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, tell your friends, family, enemies, acquaintances, co-workers…….  (please!).

2. Myself, and the other artists that were in the “Superstitions” show are mentioned in a nice article in the magazine Jewellery Business (Oct 2012).  You can check this link out for the story and lots of pictures of other nice jewellery!

3. At the end of the summer Cheryl from Zilberschmuck, emailed those of us that were in the Superstitions show that the Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s art curator wanted to remount the show at the airport!  This is a pretty exciting opportunity all of us!  The display is in the International departures area in Terminal 1.

We had a chance to have a tour of the display on Monday.  The show is spread out in twenty stand alone cases, which is really nice because you get to see the pieces from all angles!

Here is my necklace "In Case of Emergency - Knock on Wood" (left), with Andrea Wenckebach's necklace "Third on a Match".
A side view of my necklace, with my artist's statement. It still looks shiny!
Me and my necklace!

So, if you are going on a trip between now and February – take a look at the fantastic jewellery on display!

4. The Culture Capital 2012 – Textile project adventure continues!  I gave an artist talk this past Tuesday, and there is another one November 7 at the Grimsby Art Gallery (6:30 pm).

The pieces are hung at the Niagara Region’s headquarters and there will be a launch on November 15.  However, the date you should save is December 12 because there will an all day (drop-in) expo of all of the art made for Culture Capital 2012!  As soon as I have all of the details I’ll tell you – all I know is it’s going to be good!!!

Ok, I really should be at the bench…. so, until next time!



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