Inspiration from NYC – part 2

Part two of the inspiration photos I took while in NYC!  Fair warning – these are definitely a peek into what catches my creative eye, not really touristy shots per se!


iron work railing
More fantastic ironwork. I like the curves, the flower motif within a circle, use of positive and negative, and the texture.
mosaic in subway
What can I say - the train was coming!! But I wanted a record of the mosaic work - I love the colors, the pattern, the "aged" look.
garbage can in Bryant Park
Who else do you know that goes to NYC and take a pic of a garbage can!? But what a can! I love everything about it - the color, the overall shape, the smaller shapes that go into making the overall shape, the curves, positive/negative, dots!
view of Bryant Park
Still Bryant park, my favorite (small) park by far in NY. This view has great shapes, contrast, texture, movement.
ram's head ironwork
More ironwork!! A fantastic ram's head outside of the NY Public library - look at the texture, the volume, shapes, curves (and his expression!).
carousel in Bryant park
The carousel in Bryant Park. Fantastic color, curliques, fantasy shapes, movement!
building in Brooklyn
Back to the gritty city - a building I saw from the Brooklyn Bridge. I love the repetition, positive/negative, shadows, curves, dot and line!
Brooklyn bridge
Walking back to Manhattan on the Brooklyn bridge! I love the Brooklyn bridge - the gothic shaped supports, the guy wires, the wood decking - great line all over the place, really in a very pure form.

I’ll be back with the third, and final, installment of my New York inspiration.


3 Responses to Inspiration from NYC – part 2

  1. I’m loving both of your NY posts, Valerie. The elegant green garbage cans in Bryant Park are wonderful! Wouldn’t those shapes be great as large garden or deck planters…? What a visual feast – the ironwork is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more! : )

  2. Hi Pam, I just read your highlighted story on the DMRF site, which led me to your blog. I would agree with the description of the online dating scene as a roller coaster, and throwing movement disorders into the mix adds a few extra twists and turns! I’ve learned from experience not to share health info until I really get to know someone; one man I told on our second date nearly left a cloud of dust in his haste to escape! Oh, well, we all have something, or so I he8a3#r2&0;I’ll look forward to hearing updates on the love and life! – Monica

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