Inspiration from NYC – part 1

While Scott’s parents were here, we (all) went to New York for 3.5 days/4 nights.  It was Scott and I’s first visit, but his Mom and Dad went there on their honeymoon all those years ago!  It was a whirlwind trip, but we saw lots, walked all over, ate lots, drank lots of wine – generally had a great time.

As you can imagine I took many, many photos!  However, I won’t deluge you with family photos – after all, isn’t that what facebook is for (ha, ha).  Instead, I thought I’d pull out some of the pictures I took that have elements of inspiration in them.  Maybe you can use them as a jumping off point for your creativity, or maybe it’s a little insight into what is grist for my mill!

cars going around Columbus Circle
Cars going around Columbus Circle - I see repitition, movement, and color.
west side of Central Park
West side of Central Park - fantastic line, contrast of hard and "soft", color.
view from Central Park
A view from Cental Park - I like the lines in the building, juxaposition between nature and city, and the "peek a boo" effect.
elms in Central park
A large stand of Elms in Central Park - great line, repetition and color (shade).
Central Park rooster
What I really like is that the pigeons have been roosting here, so it looks like the rooster actually pooped there!! But as for inspiration - great volume, form, curves, and dimensionality.
Fountain in Central Park
I know it's not the best photo (there were lots of people milling around), but I really like the plantings in this fountain - nice shape, repitition, color and movement.
Strawberry Fields "imagine" mosaic
Strawberry Fields "imagine" mosaic - again FULL of tourists, hence the disembodied feet. However, what a great pattern, beautiful mosaic tile work, use of positive and negative, line and repetition..
Railing in front of Dakota
I just love fantastic ironwork! This is part of the fence on the Dakota. As for inspiration, it's got everything - fantastical sea creatures, form, repetition, curves, volume, and texture! Just look at those great toes!

I’ll be back with more in part 2 of inspiration from the Big Apple.



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  1. Valerie, you’ve captured some beautiful details here. I originally trained as a landscape architect but am still waiting to see central park so thank you for sharing such beautiful images especially the second one. :)Suzi

    • Thanks, Suzi! My husband is an architect, so it was a lot of fun for him looking at all the interesting buildings! I hope you get to see Central Park someday. I’m sure you learned all about it in school, and it really is a wonder of landscape design. We only say a small corner – I would like to go back and see more!

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