Culture Capital update 7 – The give away winners!

Well, well, well….

It turns out that guessing how many grams of beads I used was a tough question!  Lots of readers told me they didn’t want to hazard a guess, so BRAVO to the brave souls who did!!  Truthfully, I’m terrible at those type of guessing games too!

Here I am in action, nearing completion of the bead embroidered part! Note the big pile of beads!
A closer look at the process of bead embroidering a large area!

With all this build up you must be suspecting that I used a lot of beads.  My estimate, at the end, was more than 900 grams – which sure is a whole lot of seed beads!

So, that means that Christina was the closest guess, and the winner of first choice of the prizes!

Now, for the randomly generated winners – and a BIG thanks to all who “liked” Firepan Jewellery’s fb page and/or “favorited” my etsy shop!!

Unfortunately, it turns out my random number generator has a drinking problem -so I had to resort to the good old "pull the name out of the hat" method...

And the randomly chosen winners are:   zumzumfoxy, and Pamela Troutman!

So, on that happy note, I’ll leave you with a photo taken by Dianne Gibson (one of our Culture Capital project leaders), at her fantastic studio, of my piece after it was stretched in anticipation of framing!

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