All together now!!!

I don’t do many “lines” of jewellery, because I like to keep it fresh and mix it up!  But when I do, I like to design and create classic looks with a fun, funky and flirty side – such as my “Unending Ovals” line.

Ovals symbolize abundance, creativity, luck, and starting afresh!  They are a classic shape, yet youthful and relaxed.

Here are the pieces I’ve made for my “Unending Ovals” line – all together in one place for the first time!!  Ha, ha – that line makes me feel like a show promoter!

It all started with cufflinks…

In 3 colors! Fantastic, substantial sterling cufflinks!
A very cute small oval pendant with tangerine orange oval dots!
Five little pins all in a row - while we're one the subject of small ovals!
A small oval with red oval dots as a charm on a hand made sterling chain.
Finally, small ovals with red oval dots as earrings! A classic!
Now, introducing the large oval pendants in their glorious colors!
Just for fun, a large oval with metallic blue oval dots and chalcedony knotted on silk, making a colorful and fun bracelet.
I just love this ring - a classic shape with a punch of color! Here in spring green with a little lemon yellow dot!

Talking of shows… these would look great at the “Ex” (Canadian National Exhibition), maybe bring you luck on a game of chance!

In the shop now (oh, and some are customizable!).


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