Culture Capital 2012 – project update 5 (a brief one!)

The beading is coming along, and time is marching along too!  I can feel the deadline looming (insert scary music here!).

Last weekend I realized that I didn’t have enough beads!  Yikes.  That’s not good.  I ordered some more, and at least this time I had a better idea how many I need to cover a given area.  Luckily for me, beadfx got my order out really fast and I received them on Friday!  (Which begs the side note, what is going on with Canada Post – this is the second time in a row they’ve been way faster than they themselves predicted!)  I also got my new enamels from Thompson on Friday!  So exciting – I can’t wait to try them out!

Here they are - the beads to save the day! Each bag is 20 grams of 6/0 beads. I had basically run out of the blue ones! (The main color, no less....)
The new beads and the little pile of beads I had left when they arrived - just in the knick of time!
The grapes are moving along though! Here are some of the "shiny" ones (there are matte and shiny grapes in the photo I'm working from).

Anyway, it’s right back at it now.  I’ve listened to more audio books (as well, as the radio, a Henry Rollins spoken word show, and watched another movie – “The Painted Veil” = very good).  I enjoyed the Sophie Kinsella’s “Twenties Girl” audio book (even though I would never have chosen that in print form!), and I especially enjoyed Mark Doty’s “Dog Days: a memoir” – he is a poet and non fiction writer so the language was fantastic!

I just realized when I was looking at which photos to post that there is an unexpected benefit to documenting the process as I go along.  I can see that I am making headway on the beading (even though it doesn’t seem like it when I’m in the middle of it)!

Hope you are well.


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