Engagement Ring!

Earlier in the year, I was asked by my friend (and former colleague) Tara if I would design and make her engagement ring!

Aside from her happiness, and the great opportunity for me – I think the best part of this story is Cliff’s strategy… he proposed with a wedding ring!  Because he knew Tara would want a hand in designing her ring.  How smart is that!  Cliff should give lessons, eh.

We met and discussed ideas, and after fruitless searching for a very specific stone that, it ends up, doesn’t really exist  (a separate story of false advertising), we decided to forge ahead using the stones from her Grandma’s cocktail ring.  Which, of course, is more meaningful and in my opinion, Tara got way nicer stones using the old mine cut diamond and sapphires.  My favorite cut of stone!

Here is Tara's Grandma's ring. An art deco delight that gave many years of enjoyment but is slightly worse for wear! However, look at those great stones - the sapphires have the best blue color!

Cliff really wanted it to be 18K gold and Tara really wanted white gold.  Since we were using her own stones, we were able to do this!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any “in progress” photos – I was too wrapped up in trying to get it just right!

This is a quick photo before I ran it off to the gemsetter. Yes, the diamond turned out to be round (the appraisal said cushion cut), and the sapphires are cushion cut.

This is the final result:

Tara's engagement ring, finished - you can see the hint of the secret on the bottom of the ring. (Photo by Scott Walker)
Another view - modern yet open, airy and organic, just what Tara wanted! (photo by Scott Walker)
The special hidden lotus with the small diamond in the center. (Scott was testing out getting reflections with this shot!)

Tara loves the ring, but I have to say I got the most enjoyment out of the way Cliff’s whole face lit up!

(And, yes, for any of my fellow goldsmith’s reading this -it sure was fun working with 18K gold!).

Hope you are having a fantastic day – maybe there is some special jewellery in your future!





4 Responses to Engagement Ring!

  1. Nice work, Valerie~ I love that you were able to use the stones from her grandmother’s ring… makes the engagement ring extra special. The colour of the sapphires is really amazing! I especially like the diamond studded flower on the ‘back’ of the ring. How fun for you to be able to work with great materials like 18k gold, diamonds and sapphires. : ) A few years ago I brought some unset stones home from Mexico (yellow topaz and amethyst) and have been trying to figure a design for them to be set in. Seeing this post reminds me that the stones are still patiently waiting for me to get them set so I can wear them. Thanks for the motivation to figure out a design to have them set into. : )

  2. Woah! What a change! And it needs courage to start all over, with such beautiful stones. I understand your anxiety!
    Great work, congratulations!

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