Culture Capital 2012 – project update 4

Well things are moving along with the textile project!

You may recall we had a meeting about two weeks ago, which was great because we got to see some of each others’ projects!  As well, it is nice to be reminded that you are not just one lonely person working on a random project – you’re part of a big exciting project!!

I know - it's an awkward photo... but, I took it during the meeting and didn't want to interrupt the person speaking! This gives you a little hint of the photos we are working off of. Mentioned below: Chris - did the apples in felt, Janny did the baskets in porcelain mosaic.

At the point of the meeting three of the artist’s were finished their portion.  I mentioned previously that Chris Lisak, the felt artist, was finished.  As well, Janny Fraser, who is a mixed media artist, has finished her porcelain mosaic.  We were able to see photos of her piece in progress and finished.  Roberta Masecar, who is a quilter, is also finished her portion of the project and we were able to see a photo of the finished piece!  They are all fantastic – I can’t wait for the big reveal.

Some of us who attended the meeting brought along our works in progress, which were fun to see:

This is a close up of a portion of Karen Witteveen's piece. She is working from an escarpement scenery photo, and I think it's going to be good! Her piece has a lot of movement and interesting things to look at!
We were able to lay a few of our pieces out on Nina's work table (which, by the way, is huge and I am envious!). Clockwise from the bottom left: this is Ruth Emerson's rug hooked piece, then Greta Hildebrand's painted/sewn piece, and then mine.

I can’t say enough how fantastic these works on progress are (and I don’t mean mine!).  Karen has used so many techniques in her piece – doing things I would never thought of doing on textile and they turned out so well.  Greta’s piece blows my mind – I just never knew you could do that kind of painting on fabric – then she sews it into forms reminiscent of tree roots or rocks or whatever her photo shows!  Finally, Ruth’s rug hooked piece really is a painting done in fabric.  This is not your Grandma’s rug hooking, and I would never have the patience to do what she does.  I just hope my piece will stand up to everyone else’s!

I have started the beading on mine.  Since it is bead embroidery, and I’ve mixed my colors the way I want, I can work away and entertain myself at the same time!  I’ve determined I can do approximately 1.5 square inches in an hour.  Which is slow work.

So far, I’ve watched the 3 Lord of the Rings movies (it wasn’t the first time, so I didn’t have to pay close attention, but it was fun nonetheless!), watched the Olympic shot put, listened to 2 out of 5 CDs from an audio book.  I don’t always have entertainment on the go, but it makes it easier to sit and do it for extended periods (which made LOTR perfect – those are LONG movies!).

Some of the "grapes" at the top of the bunch by the post.
Some "grapes" abutting a leaf.
The "grapes" at the bottom of the bunch, abutting the bottom leaf. I'm quite happy how the beaded grape/felt leaf junctions are working out.

That’s it for now – I have to get busy beading!  Luckily it’s very windy (hoping for a rain storm to blow in), so I’m not tempted to get out in the garden.

Hope you are well – maybe working on a fun creative project today!


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  1. Everyone’s work is so inspiring, Valerie – thanks for sharing the pictures. Can’t wait to see how yours looks when you’ve finished, as the “in progress” pics are great. Love felt work you’ve done and the beadwork you’re doing now. : )

  2. Hi Valarie,

    Love ypur grapes. Also all the bits and pieces of works in progress. On mine I was asked to take off the turquoise silk….to bright…not the cprrect color. Please do not delete it as I liked it. Time keeps wizzing away and it will be wonderful when we are all done and see our work on display.


  3. Valerie – sorry for taking so long to stop by – your grapes look luscious!!! Thanks for sharing the progress of others as well – those are some amazing pieces!

    Happy beading :)

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