News – exciting mail and email!

Have I got a lot to say!!  However, this will be quick post as I am having a tiny freak out about how much work I need to do on the culture capitol project (which I will update you on in another post).

First – my copy of the book came in the mail last Friday!!!!!  So exciting

Woohoo, eh!!

The industry reviews that Lark shared with us were great, as was the “word on the street” from my fellow beaders (from the US, who got their book sooner).  But I wanted to look for myself so that I could give you my own opinion.

As with all of the 500 series Lark books it is a hefty tome – although not in door stop territory!  And what a beautiful book it is!  As usual, with these books everything is top notch – the paper, the color, the photos and the layout.  It is eye candy for anyone who likes/loves jewellery and design; and for everyone who loves beadwork.

I can’t find anything bad to say about this book, except that it makes me sad that I don’t have enough time to bead more.  The work included in the book is so inspiring, and I really wish I could be in the studio right now beading or designing!  Every type of beading is included – from stringing, loomwork, beadweaving, bead embroidery, mixed media, and metal work.

I know I shouldn’t say this, but you know I’m gonna….. (because we heard a lot of negative talk about beading in jewellery school) – the creativity and level of skill in the beadwork alone, in this book, is phenomenal; but when you see the inventive metalwork/beadwork combinations you know for sure there is no division between the practices.  It all comes down to good design and craftsmanship.  Ok, I’m off my high horse now…

Finally, I still am proud and humbled to be in the company of so many people who’s work I’ve admired over the years.

So, as they say: two thumbs up!  Go out and get your copy – ASAP people!

Second…. remember this:

Well, we (the artists that were in the show) just received word that there is going to be a “Superstitions – part 2” exhibit!!  It will be put on by the Greater Toronto Airport Authority at Pearson Airport in the International Departures Lounge of Terminal 1!  It will be on display from September 2012 until February 2013.  This is a very exciting opportunity for all of us!  You just never know where these things will lead!

I may not have mentioned it before, but Cheryl at Zilberschmuck put together a book on this exhibit.  If you are interested in jewellery, especially Canadian jewellery, this would be a nice addition to your library!

I haven’t bought my copy yet, but I expect to have it soon – but you can preview it here.

Ok, that’s enough excitement for one post…. stay tuned!




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