Culture Capitol 2012 – project update 3

Goodness, long time no update!  Things have been going on though, behind the (computer) scenes!

I was delayed while I got ready for the Burlington Art Show, but I’ve been back in the saddle for a couple of weeks now.  Here is the “cole’s notes” version of my progress so far:

We left off the last update with the leaf patterns pinned to the felt, so I thought I’d introduce more of the work horses of the project (aside from the sewing machine):

These have to be one of the best investments I've ever made, I bought these scissors 30+ years ago. It was a big deal, I was a poor student and these are JA Henckels; but I thought it was worthwhile getting good quality. The big fabric scissors have done their duty in this project, and the small embroidery scissors will be in use until the very end.
lacey's stiff stuff and cutting tools
My Lacey's stiff stuff arrived quite a while ago (somewhat unexpectedly, since it was supposed to be on backorder for weeks!!). I stitched them together and cut out the basic grape bunch shape. Then I sewed it onto the back of the panel, so this will be the last time you see it!

Then I forged ahead with the embroidering of the post.  This took some time, and doesn’t lend itself very well to progress shots, but here are a couple:

embroidered lines
Here are some of the embroidered lines. This is the top of the post, it was quite interesting to see the different colors that are actually in the post.
embroidering the knot
I had to break out one of my hoops to embroider the knot..... with french knots!!! (I know it's a silly joke, but it makes me laugh every time!)
The finished knot, with some of the embroidered lines.

Then I painted some of the shadows on; and sewed on the dyed purple fabric grape bunch!  Next it was time to sew the leaves onto the background.  I was nervous about this because I thought my machine might disagree with sewing on those felt leaves – but she held out!  Sewing on the leaves made a HUGE difference – all of a sudden it seemed like this project was moving along at a rapid clip!  Of course, I’m back  doing the slow stuff again – embellishing the leaves, which looks like this:

felt grape leaves
These two leaves are finished with the embroidering and embellishing.

I’m trying to put in a little time each day, so I expect to be finished the leaf embellishment by the weekend.  I hope I’m done on Saturday, as our group has a meeting on Sunday afternoon and I want to have it done to show them!

This is how the overall piece is looking at the moment…

overview of piece
This should give you an idea of how the overall piece will look, at least in layout. You can see the dyed fabric in place, this is where the bead embroidery will be.

Well, it should be interesting to see how everyone else is coming along.  I know at least one of the other artists is finished her piece!  Yikes…

I’ll see if I can get pics at the meeting on Sunday!


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  1. This looks so complex, and so promising! You have a whole bunch of techniques going! I loved the hand-stitching. Also your scissors :)

    Can’t wait to see more.

    And your tidal pool pieces – amazing.

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