Creative color challenge – red and roses

Yes, it’s Creative Color Challenge time again!  For the month of June (which, by the way, where did the month of June go?), Louise challenged us with red and there had to be a rose theme.

I was so excited, because red is my favorite color….. well, one of the favorites!  Plus, I love roses!  On top of it, my red roses were blooming right outside the front door, so there was inspiration right in front of me!

The only problem was taking the rose theme literally, which kept coming up as a big roadblock for my brain (brainblock…?).  When I sketch things for fun they are usually recognizable, but they are not a realistic rendering of the subject.  I know this and mostly accept it, but I just didn’t feel I could do a rose justice.  Especially when I wandered out the front door for a look at the glorious, and complex, red blooms I had.  Even with some “interpretive sketching”, I knew I wouldn’t be happy unless my rose looked like a real red rose. Added to this is my personal aversion to attempting to make a realistic version of an object.  It’s just not my style.

So, this challenge was good because it coalesced in my mind what type of project I am willing to take on.  So, if you wanted me to a gold necklace of little rose buds – I just might refer you to another jewellery artist.  It’s good to know your limits.  However, if you’re interested in an abstract/impressionistic version – I’m the one for the job!

Instead of making an object, I made a photograph for this challenge which for me was a fun and freeing way to approach red and roses!

My Challenge photo:

close up of rose
After the rain


And just for fun, here are some other photos of my roses – I’m hoping you can use them for inspiration for color and form!

red rose
Beautiful curling petals of the red rose - look at the veins on those petals!
close up of rose
More lovely curling petals.
red rose
Freshly opened.

And, just to keep you on your toes….

white rose
White rose, newly opened, from the variety "Seafoam".

Did you have any challenges this month?  Hopefully, you were able to make some inner discoveries along the way!

Now, don’t forget to smell the roses…


12 Responses to Creative color challenge – red and roses

  1. Hi Valerie,
    What a beautiful photo of your roses – perfect timing of the challenge with your garden :-) I love macro photography and close-ups of of flower centres and stamens are a bit of an obsession, so I particularly love what you’ve done!

    • Thanks Mandy! I’m glad to hear that there is someone else out there who shares a love of stamen photos! I can’t get enough of the fantastic shapes and colors.

    • Exactly, Lorinda! I do take lots of photos, in general and specifically in my garden… but I have to admit it felt a little like cheating! :) I am well, thanks!

    • nous les filles du Nord ! ….. Comme je te comprends.Même en ouvrant les fenêtres toute la nuit, on n’arrive pas à rafraîchir l&ieÃ17;#nt2©ri8ur. Pourtant j’ai encore un mois de travail et je dois avancer !Il paraît que dimanche, il pleut …. De quoi booster les neurones qui en ont bien besoin.Et tout plein d’excuses contrites pour tous ceux qui préfèrent la chaleur.

  2. Very good! Your post made me laugh…and you did a very good job approaching the “challenge” Your photos are very inspirational…they make me wonder what it is about roses that I am not fond of??..Yours are beautiful! Julie

    • Thanks, Julie. Maybe it’s the Hybrid Tea type of rose that has put you off – these are the ones you see in bouquets. My roses are either antique types or species; which means they kind of do their own thing in an untidy way!! As well, almost all of my roses are scented – the way they are meant to be!

    • “The only person you can control is YOU – either you can find a way to interact on a level that doesn’t upset you, or you can’t. That side of the interaction is all on yo21u#82&.;I agree, Vert’s whining and issuing orders gets old.

  3. How lucky you are to have these beautiful flowers at your doorstep! I also had many challenges this month. The good news is that there were quite a few inner discoveries made! Lovely post and stunning photos!

  4. Mmm – I love flower close-ups. Your challenge photo looks delicious! And your white roses – so lovely.
    I have a challenge too, but you already know what it is :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your jewelry!

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