Robin’s egg blue

While I was prepping for the Burlington show I was wandering around in the yard (I don’t remember why) and came across a part of an eggshell.

This lead me to thinking about nature, gardens and inspiration.

We have a nature story playing itself out in the garden.  This year an American Robin (Turdus migratorius) decided to nest in an old nest on top of one of our rose trellises.  I don’t really think this is the best spot, personally, since the bird seemed quite hot under the eaves – but what do I know!?  As well, this Robin is a bit skittish and doesn’t like anyone to stop and look – which is a bit of a problem since this is on the way to the front door!

American Robin on nest
She's obviously hot - even in May when I took this photo.

I don’t think the first nesting was successful, as I didn’t notice any fledglings.  However, this pair is game so they are trying again in this same nest.  One of my reference books says this is common behaviour for Robins.  I hope it goes better for them this time!

One thing I am particularly proud of is that I do not, and never have, used chemicals in my garden.  So, it is home to all sorts of creatures living out their lives.  I can’t overstate how much pleasure this gives me…. even if the moles keep going crazy in my veggies!

I often hear or read about artists who say nature inspires them (I say that myself!) – but what does this really mean?  Most people don’t mean it literally, and sometimes when I’m looking at their work I wonder how nature is involved!

At first, my inspiration (via nature) was intellectually focused, then I added my interest in color.  I would say my garden is a result of my love affair with color.  Now I’m in a phase where I can’t get enough of shape and pattern – which leads to an awful lot of dried leaves and seed pods in my studio!  Oh, and photographs of course!

Now added to the collection, is the shell from the Robin.  It is the most incredible color – “robin’s egg blue”.  There are all sorts of interesting markings and colors of eggs, but the blue Robin’s egg is a classic.  Except, it doesn’t really look blue to me.  It certainly is a beautiful color, but it looks more like a light turquoise to me.  Have a look:

Close up of the eggshell. Unfortunately, this shell is very fragile, but what an inspiring color!!

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes the egg as “sky blue or blue-green and unmarked”, and they ought to know.  But, what I really want to know is – can this color be recreated in enamel?  I think some experimenting is in order!

Hope you are well, and enjoying the little dramas happening in your yard!


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  1. What a gorgeous colour – I think they call it Robin’s Egg Blue for lack of a better description ! I agree , more of a light turquoise than a blue – it reminds me of vintage paints that you see in stately homes.
    Sadly I don’t think I have any wee birds nesting in my garden just now – or not that I have spotted. But I am getting my nest watching fix at on the “puffincam” – watching a little puffin hatch and grow – rather addictive !

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